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I don't think honey lemon's going to be latina because she's being voiced by Maya Rudoph who is african american.

A) I think you’re confused over casting, Genesis Rodriguez is the voice actress of Honey Lemon, Maya is an aunt character of some sort?

B) Maya Rudoph is biracial Jewish and black and I’m pretty sure she refers to herself that way (could be wrong but just wanted to point that out for anyone who is unfamiliar with her, not to say that makes her Latina or anything), but anyway my point here is that although I see what you’re saying, it’s pretty limiting to assume that everyone has to only play the voice of their prescribed race considering that white characters are predominantly animated, especially as main characters?

So it would cut a lot of PoC out of those casting decisions. You don’t need to be straight to play a straight character, white to voice a white character, etc. Though to be fair I haven’t written a lot about voice actors so maybe this isn’t fully correct.

Is Go Go Tomago the first female of East/Southeast Asian heritage Disney has featured in a movie since Mulan, at least in animation? Or am I forgetting someone?

ermmmm I… think… so? Does anyone know because I’m not good with timelines

edit based on comments: I would think Russell from UP counts

I wouldn’t personally count Ghibli films since Disney only acts as a distributor for them, but, if you count them, then.

I could definitely be wrong, but I'm almost positive the Disney Dream Store isn't owned or operated by Disney themselves. I think it's more of a website ran by a third party reselling products where they aren't available, much like a lot of Americans get Tokyo Disneyland merch. To say that it's the official Disney Store site would be misleading. Not to take away from how horrible their treatment of POC princesses are, I'd just like to point out that it most likely isn't Disney's fault this time.

good to know!

Hey there! Love the blog! Have you seen the trailer for "Big Hero 6"? It looks cute enough, but Honey Lemon didn't get a chance to speak so I couldn't tell if she was Hispanic or not. I guess we have to wait until another trailer or the movie to know really. Like others, I wish they used a different animation style for Honey Lemon or at the very least made her a different race so it "looked" different. Just wanted to know your thoughts on the trailer.

this trailer? Just watched it since I looked it up :)

(my full thought was that it was kind of slow in the beginning…-.-)

iiinterestingly, Honey Lemon’s design does appear to be different?? Her hair, skin and eyes look darker unless this is just me? But:


Yet this isn’t the same at all as the other version of the design we’ve seen?? But it does seem to reinforce what someone was saying about the original comic, that when she transformed into her super hero form, she magically became blond and whatever…

I don’t know if there’s any one way to determine if a character is latina… ideally the company makes it clear, like there are cues through showing their traditions, home, talking about past, language, something, etc — but even if she spoke, there’s no accent a latina/hispanic character “has” to have in order to be legitimate.


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The worst part about the whole big hero 6 thing is that at the end of the day this is the most diverse film that disney has made lately. And I just have this feeling that if the movie doesnt do well the management is going to be all like "oh well I guess audiences want more films with exclusively white casts again! FROZEN 2" like we FINALLY get a diverse film and they have to mess it up like that like they went through the efforts. to change things. for the worse.

I remain… skeptical that even money can transverse subconscious racism

what i mean by this is that even if the film does do well, I’m not sure it will necessarily lead to a better future. I think that’s what we want to believe — that change is inevitable.

But it is really something we have to push for and advocate for and continually point out that it’s not “bad for business.” Like: for me, it’s always a little jarring to go back to some of the popular shows/movies/etc of the 1990’s and realize that a lot of them were way more diverse than media right now, or at least equivalent. Not to say there aren’t exceptions right now, but it seems to me (maybe I’m biased because of what I was typically watching idk??) like it was more the “norm” then.

I guess to make a long story short, I agree with you, but I also don’t want the implicit message to be like “you must support every film that has a diverse cast regardless of anything else because that is the only way these films will be made” because the problem is unfortunately deeper than $$ alone…

I see many people on Tumblr who are shrugging off the blatant racebending and whitewashing because "it's an adaptation". But BH6 being an "adaptation" doesn't mean Disney is magically free from criticism, nor does it make Disney less guilty of making racist and sexist choices? I don't understand these supporters. I'm sure BH6 will be a fun, action-packed movie, but when it comes to whitewashing and racebending a minority already marginalized in American media, there is NO justification.

what?? I haven’t seen this (yet) but that is unnecessary & silly justification.


@Feminist Disney- hey there. You were talking a little while ago about an article on “why Japanese people draw themselves as white” being linked and that we could find it on the has this been asked before. I found the post but the link was broken so I tracked it down aaand… if anyone’s interested:



oh whoops! well, there you go :) thanks for finding it. I wonder what happened to the original article

[1] Hair/eye colors don't serve as markers for race in anime because it is assumed that everyone is Japanese. (to quote from that article you mentioned, "the default human being is Japanese.") If someone in an anime is not Japanese (i.e. Annie from AOT) or even half Japanese (i.e. Tamaki from Ouran) it is very clearly and expressly talked about/explained in the show almost immediately. Or the character will have clear physical features different from everyone else. Disney is an American/Western

[ 2] company, and unfortunately here the “default human being” is white unless expressly stated otherwise. Honey Lemon MIGHT be Japanese in the reboot, but so far there is nothing visually to tell us that, and American/Western audiences will view her as white (or Latina considering her voice actress.) In fact, even if the movie clearly stated she was Japanese a lot of people will still willfully ignore this (like they did with Rue in THG.) since GoGo looks much more coded to be Japanese. (end ask)

While I'm not a huge follower of anime/manga/Japanese animation (correct me if I'm off!) but from what I understand, hair/eye color don't really function as visual markers of race. It's a fantasy world, so just because Honey Lemon is blond doesn't mean she's white. More often, non-Japanese people are identified by different physical features, ie, prominent noses, broader builds, etc (I think Attack on Titan has some decent examples of non-Japanese people in Anime?) Just thought I'd mention.

yes, I’ve written about this before and there’s an interesting article in the archives about how Japanese people interpret anime character as “japanese” while white americans tend to perceive them as “white” (though they are japanese, having been produced by Japanese people).

It’s not so much about her hair as the fact that she’s pretty clearly intended to be white in the reboot? I mean, you can correct me if you see it differently but it’s everything, not just the hair and eyes. She looks like a replica of Anna/Elsa more or less, and I wouldn’t say they look Japanese, with or without the eye color and hair??

The other commentator pointed it out because it seemed like they were saying her eye color/hair color changed at certain times in the comic which can have different connotations than what they just “are.”

The characters in Big Hero Six are all japanese. Or were in the comics anyway. And Aiko(Honey Lemon) having blonde hair in the comics, doesn't make her less of one. That's not to say there weren't artist that didn't get the memo, but that's another issue.

yeah I think they were saying that it was a problem that her hair changing to blond / corresponding to being more beautiful  in her transformation had racialized undertones (I say this, again, going off of what they say b/c I haven’t read the comic)

but yeah it is also possible that some artists weren’t on the same page of an overall design concept… doesn’t mean the concept isn’t there


"But the Big Hero 6 comics had ALL of the characters be Japanese!"


the comics had a bunch of characters they claimed were all Japanese, but pulled racist shit such as making Honey Lemon’s “powers” give her blue eyes and blonde hair. Because “oh, no, she’s really Japanese! We swear! Her powers just make her purrrrty!” Yeah. The comics are from a different time. It was wrong then and it’s wrong today. Honey and Fred were always depicted as white. Hiro has always been half white and half Japanese, which doesn’t need to be changed. Fred and Honey, however? It was problematic.

I criticize Disney sometimes too, but they’re taking it a step UP by sticking to the original character designs, and just admitting those characters are white, instead of trying to pass them off as "Japanese."

interesting… I’ve heard from multiple people that Fred is Ainu? Which is an ethnic group indigenous to Japan/Russia that doesn’t really look white?

IDK. While I see your point (I am admittedly not super familiar with the comics so taking your word for the original designs), there were obviously two ways of doing it. One was taking problematic representations of Japanese people and taking out the problematic. The other way was legitimizing the problems by literally making them obviously and clearly white.

It seems weird to say a company is “admitting”  characters are white when they were intended (it seems) to be Japanese but were made to look more white because of racalized beauty standards… which is not the same as being white


I wanna take your atention for a moment. Many of you have seen in blogs how Disney princess merchaindising doesn’t make justice for POC princess (Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan and Tiana), in special what refers of the lack of their products in Disney stores. Well, you should know that outside the United States the scenario isn’t too different, it’s worse.

In México there aren’t Disney stores, there’s just the official website, which mexican Disney fans can buy products of their favorite characters. So, I was curious about which Disney princess products are available in my country, and in a bitter surprise I notice that the store only shows one tag for all POC princess, in this case, one for Pocahontas, not Mulan, not Jasmine, Tiana neither.

And from Pocahontas tag, there are only three products: her movie (included in a three classics pack), a Funko Pop! figure and a make up accesories set (but include the rest of her female counterparts), but what I found as the worst thing of all is that the Funko Pop! figure isn’t hers! It’s Jasmine! And the store knows that!

I mean, you can think the situation in US already sucks but in México, as you can see, isn’t better.

If you wanna see by yourselves, here’s the link:


I wanted to make sure someone wasn’t punking me, but it seems pretty accurate. If you got to the “juguetes” tag (under the girls’/ninas section), also, the only WoC princess I saw was Jasmine (maybe there was a small inclusion in a group product but nothing I could see from scrolling w/out zooming in on individual packaging)

Feminism is all about women equality and empowerment, and how women should not be held back by gender roles. Well, I too am an advocate for equality, but I want to be a housewife. Not because it's the only thing I can do/anyone told me to do, but it is a real DREAM of mine: children, cooking, my husband coming home to me for a dinner I made. I wouldn't be a house laborer 24/7, but I am 18, and have no real plans for the future, because I have always wanted to be a housewife. Is this bad?


this isn’t bad, but I think you need to kind of… stop focusing on yourself? I don’t know a tactful way to put that

like: you’re seeing this through kind of a privileged lens. Millions of mothers stay home with their kids right now, not because it’s their dream, but because they literally have no choice. Childcare isn’t subsidized, and a lot of them can’t access jobs that pay enough to cover the cost of childcare (which is super expensive). People stay at home with their kids because they can’t afford to keep having a job, which makes already vulnerable [near poverty] families more vulnerable (being reliant on a single paycheck which will make things extra difficult if that individual gets laid off etc)

Feminism isn’t about patting you on the back for having a dream. It’s about lifting them up so that they have a choice as to whether they stay home or not. Conservatives (ok, a lot of people TBH) are constantly trying to make you forget that there are women — families — who struggle with this stuff day in and day out, so they paint it instead as a struggle for the upper-middle class woman who just wants to stay home and goddamn those feminists standing in her way ! But it was never about her.

My mom stayed home once I was like, 10ish, because my family can afford it. Not a ton of families can honestly afford that and still pay for everything else in life on one salary. If you can be like my mom, you’ll be one lucky duckling. This isn’t about her though, and it’s damn shady to pretend that feminism is genuinely concerned with telling my mom (and other moms like her) she’s not good enough because that really isn’t true.

Also just as an aside, I come from a pretty housewife… friendly… family. And for a lot of them, it’s “the dream.” Divorce comes sooner or later for some couples, though, and it’s shitty, but it’s even more shitty to try and watch aunts try and carve up a new career for themselves when they’re in their 50s. 

Live the life and be a housewife if it works out for you, but have a back up just in case. I hope everything goes well for you but even if, say, your husband dies earlier than you expected, you’ll want to be able to provide for your kids (or if we’re really in dreamland I guess you have a huge life insurance policy? All I’m saying is, hope for the best but plan for the worst)

and yeah maybe to add to the original Q, it’s not about specifically avoiding gender roles, it’s about not feeling obligated to conform to them.

Ok, lets say that Honey Lemon is latina after all and that this is not just speculation. Even then there is no reason to erase her identity as japanese. I'm from Brazil, we have a huge population of asian descendant brazilians here, like a lot. Brazil has a population of more than 1,5 million nippo-brazilians aka: japanese latinxs! You see, theres zero need to bullshit around this, Disney. (also the whole blond hair/ light eyes thing: its not exclusive to white ppl, get over it you guys)