Feminist Disney, Photo Challenge: This is What a Disney Princess Could Look Like
Photo Challenge: This is What a Disney Princess Could Look Like

This challenge is open to everyone of every identification.   It is meant to be a challenge both for you to express yourself, and to Disney and its fandom to recognize your voice and your desire for representation and acceptance in the official Disney releases, but also within the Disney community- and from the world in general.   

No, the point isn’t that anyone expects Disney to come across these submissions and suddenly shout, "We’ve been ignoring these voices so long?!  We’ll get to that right away!!"   I’m aware this is somewhat unlikely.   It isn’t so much about prompting immediate, massive change as it is about challenging previous conventions and assumptions about the who’s and why’s of media representation.   We focus on Disney princesses because they are a very well recognized franchise, and yes, it is a great idea to create new media rather than just change old companies, but so long as massive amounts of children watch Disney, it is important to critique the powers that be.

This prompt may remind you of the last challenge, Dear Disney.  So please, submit!!! :)

Edit: this is the second time I will be posting this challenge, so here are some examples from the first time.   There were a lot more but I think I only started tagging toward the end.   At any rate, this isn’t about being “original” so don’t worry if you’re repeating something- it’s just about having fun and exploring the limits of representation in media.



What do you need to submit if you want to participate?

  • Picture of you holding sign that says “This is what a Disney Princess Could Look Like!” (or act like, etc., prince etc., depending on your take, it doesn’t have to be exactly the example!  And yes, for those not comfortable, drawings etc. are acceptable)
  • Then as text submitted with it, but probably not on the sign because it would be hard to read, give a brief explanation of how you (or someone not you, if you like!) is not represented by Disney.    It can be light-hearted, or heart-breaking, whatever feels right to you, for you.
  • Here is an example that does not have to be followed word for word or anything, it’s just a general example of one potential response (although you can follow the general wording if you’re stuck, it doesn’t matter to me!):
  • "What does a Disney Princess look like?    
Because I’m _"asexual"___ and _"Muslim"___, there is no princess I can easily identify with.   But I’d like to be represented, because _"Disney’s representation has the power to change what people perceive to be normal and beautiful"_____.

This is what a Disney Princess could look like!"
  • This is my submission page.   Submissions as Asks take more work for me to re-blog it while also linking it back to your name.   I would like that to be only used in the case of those who wish to submit anonymously and can’t use the submission page.
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