Feminist Disney, Hairy Legged Lesbian Princess
Hairy Legged Lesbian Princess

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"When I was in middle school, the dark, thick hair you see on my legs had only just grown. I was so, so embarrassed by it. I would shave my lower legs but the hair was all over my thighs too. When I had gym class or had to put on a bathing suit, I would cry and feel unbelievably anxious, terrified of what other people would think. I wore long shorts and super high socks to make sure my legs were totally covered on the days I hadn’t shaved. I honestly don’t know when it happened, but one day I finally realized that the only reason I was so embarrassed was because I was afraid of what others would say if they saw the hair.

I realized that I didn’t like shaving, and I didn’t personally mind my leg hair. In fact, I actually sort of liked it. So I stopped shaving. And I stopped trying to cover my legs. Eight years later, my legs still look like this. And I love it. Phooey to the idea that women have to be hairless in order to be beautiful. Phooey to the idea that the ideal woman is tall and slender and smooth and straight. I am fat and gay and average height and my legs have thick, dark hair all over them. And goodness would I love to see a Disney princess portrayed that way for future little girls to see.”


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  5. oddment-tweak said: I noticed recently that the teacher from Disney’s Recess is drawn with hairy legs, and she’s a super awesome character. Of course, she’s supposed to be a total hippie, so it’s only there to add to the stereotype, but hey. I’d love her as my teacher!
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