Feminist Disney, Rape Apologism... "Reblog if you think Ryking should no longer be an editor, period."
Rape Apologism… “Reblog if you think Ryking should no longer be an editor, period.”

TW: bottom pictures have a lot of victim blaming, rape threats, statements about pedophilia being okay, etc.  DO NOT scroll unless you’re ready for it.


Similar to the mohandasgandhi post (which I fully support) but just a bit more broad, letting absolutely everyone jump on board.

So I noticed Raven’s posts about this issue (this dude above is someone who said everyone should forget what this AAguy said and get over it because they’re oversensitive etc), and I saw it in a few places on the feminist tumblr tag, so I decided to look into it.   I have never previously heard of The Amazing Atheist (I am not a big youtuber) so I had to look around to orient myself.  

One of the first entries I came across when I followed the link to his facebook had a LOT of ish.   I was incredibly appalled that- regardless of what he originally said- that he would basically condone everyone leaving incredibly horrible commentary on his page.  I will post some of it below- including responses by  “TJ” himself- and I will tag these names so that hopefully they will come up in google at inconvenient times.  If you’re willing to put those words in a public place for everyone to see, then be willing for it to come up in the public search engine.  (I’ve done this a couple times just because I’ve gotten so angry at things, and one person the other week actually messaged me because he found the tag in google or w/e and claimed it was his younger brother that had hacked his provile and made jokes about domestic abuse victims, so I aquiesced and removed it.   But goes to show- it can work.).   I do NOT advocate posting private messages or comments you receive from people, but in cases like this- where they are clearly public and viewable by anyone on a public page- I think that making them more accessible to google searches by tagging them can help to create a social disincentive to contributing to rape culture through public commentary.  So I will recommend you do this whenever you can, with public posts people use their real names on.   They apologize, you remove it.   It can work.

And just to test whether he was aware of the comments/able to delete them (I mean, to be fair, maybe he was sleeping or something if our hours are different), I left a comment on his page saying I had never heard of him before but some of the thread commentary was incredibly appalling if they’re coming from a “fan base” of his.   My comment was not rude or even directly referencing his own words, but it was deleted within a minute, so IMO that makes him entirely responsible for all the other commentary on his page he allowed to stand.  

Trigger warning: threats of rape, etc.


(apparently it’s okay to threaten rape because everyone should know that “you’re trolling.”   And his contribution to the thread itself shows that he is clearly aware of what his fans are saying- by refusing to address the commentary, or to delete it, he is passively condoning it.)


(apparently it’s okay to threaten rape if you want to hurt someone, obviously the difference is he doesn’t support rape, just rape culture that allows that threat to be a powerful and painful one for a rape survivor.)


(Because rape victims should get off the internet if they’re sensitive about rape, right?)


(What amazes me about this is that he’s apparently quoting The Amazing Atheist- not even adding commentary- and each comment gets 10+ likes even though they are blatantly offensive to say.   In case you have trouble viewing images: "I will make you a rape victim if you don’t fuck off" is the first one.  The second one starts with "I think we should give the guy who raped you a medal."   I hope you fucking drown in rape semen, you ugly, mean-spirited cow."   This is the face of rape culture- it is ugly, shocking, and dehumanizing)


(this guy above’s post was FULL of so much ish that I couldn’t even get his name inside the cropping, but he is the same person you will see below- Sean Albert.  He sees nothing wrong with pedophilia and having sex with children.  If you think you somehow misread this- go to below)


(For people who have trouble viewing, it starts off with (a reply to someone who was like “wtf” to the first comment), “so what?  How do you know it is necessarily traumatic to have sex as a kid?... and finally it ends with his comment of, “You should open your mind and come on over to this side.  It’s much nicer, less ridiculous, and certainly freer than the feminist side.”

The most ironic ending ever.    It’s “nicer” and “certainly freer” so long as you’re not a feminist, a woman, a rape victim, a friends/family/defender of rape victims, someone who doesn’t want to be threatened with rape simply for having an opinion, a friend/defender of feminists, a non-atheist,  or a child.   Sounds like a great side to be on.

Anyway, I guess this is your introduction to a rather thriving section of The Amazing Atheist’s fan base.   But yeah, to tag on to what everyone else has said… this is why a lot of agnostic/atheist feminists and others are constantly disappointed by those that spearhead the Atheist community.   Not only the fringes, but often the core of it is rife with anti-feminism, rape apologists, and the like.   It sickens me to experience this sort of thing, but it is real, and people have to be held accountable for it.

Quotes: "I am not “playing the victim”, folks. With these sorts of comments being made, I legitimately am the victim.   And I’m not the only victim, my family is being made to feel unsafe too."

True, people are saying mean and violent things in commentary and that isn’t right.   But I find it really unpalatable that when he makes violent, horrible, viewed-by-millions-of-people threats to viewers- who quickly parrot everything he says, we’re supposed to all laugh it off as “blatantly trolling.”  When people who are upset with his rape triggering and joking leave comments that I would also say are not actually “supporting” someone’s house being burned down and are also “trolling,” suddenly he’s a victim of a great social injustice.   You can’t have it both ways, man.


"Have you actually read any feminist literature?"

image Anonymous

"Why would I do that? It’s hard enough talking to them. Why would I put myself in a position where I couldn’t talk back?"

This was kind of precious.   Apparently books and blogs- simply because you can’t talk to them- are like, oppressing your voice or something.   The idea that he can’t “talk back” is kind of ridiculous considering he’s already made numerous public statements about/to feminism without educating himself on what feminism really is, but instead relying on a cultural stereotype to guide his words.

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