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tw: rape joke







This man is my hero.

in case anyone was wondering if there were additional reasons this guy is utter and complete fail. That other, complete and horrifying mess that has been referred to before was not the first instance of his…

 I hate feminists. Really though. Your tits need a calming.

I will again refer not to my own words, but to his, which I have already posted above.   Let me remind you of what you are telling me I should laugh about, and be more calm in my manner toward.   This is completely beyond feminism and comes down to basic treatment and respect of other life forms.  Would you be okay with this shit being said to your best friend?  ..even your worst enemy?  It’s vile and disgusting and so let’s review the tape now (for full conversation, click the link that is still there above):

Amazing Atheist: “I will make you a rape victim if you don’t fuck off… Did it trigger you?  I hope it did.”
Lorrdernie: “I already am a rape victim and no it didn’t….”
AA: “Yeah.   Well, you deserved it.   So, fuck you.  I hope it happens again soon…. I think we should give the guy who raped you a medal… actually, I don’t believe you were ever raped!  What man would be tasteless enough… nice gif, is that kind of like the way that rapists dick went into your pussy?…re-live it as much as possible.  You know?…”

AA further clarifying his stance a little later in the thread: “BTW, you have to admit, when I told you that I hope you drown in rape semen, you got a little wet, didn’t you? It’s okay. We’re friends now. You can share.”

“Also, I’m pretty sure I could rape you without getting killed if it was really on my agenda. I mean, you didn’t kill the first guy, right?” -Amazing Atheist

This is what you stand behind.   Again: I’m not offended by this just as a feminist.  Which is exactly why I keep reblogging about it.  It goes beyond just feminism.  It’s like… it would actually require a lot of thought and planning to say something in a public space that could be more offensive and horrible and wrong and demeaning as the things he said.  Not just offensive “to feminists.”  To anyone.   Recognizing this doesn’t make me or anyone else “oversensitive” in a bad way; anyone who doesn’t see an issue with the above is, instead, lacking in basic empathy.  

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    I am reminded of the horrible truth as there are people out there who agree to his views and more than likely share the...
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    I literally threw up in my mouth a bit when I saw “BTW, you have to admit, when I told you that I hope you drown in rape...
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    In my opinion this guy doesn’t fear anything because he doesn’t fear God - whether you believe in God or not, he’s sick,...
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    I scares me that people actually support this guy…
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    I knew a guy like this and surprise: he was a huge liar who posed as an intelligent MMA fighter. Every word that came...
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    And now I am shaking with rage and fear because people are disgusting and scary and awful.
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    This is really ruining my day. Fucking brogressive sexist atheist shitheads. This is exactly why I do not trust so...
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    He is a disgusting piece of shit. I actually threw up a little bit in my mouth. I don’t understand how ANYONE can say...
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    This is fucking sickening. Someone should sodomize this guy with a bible or a fucking lit stick of dynamite. dumb...