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If I get pregnant, I will get an abortion. And you don’t get to tell me that it’s wrong.

Posts like this give the anit-choicers fuel. Abortion isn’t something that should be taken lightly. It is an important decision. You are deciding if…

I would take friendlyangryfeminist’s side here.   If this was any other type of potential future decision that someone was similarly emphatic about, would they necessarily be perceived as “taking the situation lightly” or treating it not as “an important decision” simply because they know what their answer is/would be?  Who exactly is giving fuel to the opposition here by basically saying we all need to follow a script of pretend emotions and waffling that we don’t all universally feel in order to be seen as “acceptable” in terms of needing reproductive health access??

If I said, “If I get pregnant, I know I will keep it and you can’t tell me not to,” is anyone’s first response going to be “But wait you should at least pretend to consider abortion otherwise it’s giving the other side fuel, stop treating this subject as if it’s a joke”  ??  Responses like this only feed fuel to the opposition by assuming that there is a link between wanting an abortion, and being completely unserious/treating it like it’s game at a party.

In all honesty my response is probably the same.  I don’t think I will ever be in a position to be considering it, but if it happened anytime soon, there really is no point in pretending I would consider alternatives.   I wouldn’t, and I know I wouldn’t.    I would agree that a lot of times the dialogue used to discuss these topics is unnecessarily distancing and whatever, but I don’t think this is one of those times.  

Too often there’s this push to create and present the single story of a person who is pregnant and faces dire consequences if they stay pregnant/have a child, and who goes through a ton of agony over the decision, does it, and then feels bad for a while.   But not everyone’s experience is like that- and to say that their experience has to be painted that way in order for the movement to be taken seriously does not actually help anyone, I don’t think.

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    I never really thought about it that way, actually. It actually singles out abortion in a negative way instead of...
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    I mean, yeah. If I get pregnant before I can afford (in more ways than money) to raise a kid, I will get an abortion....
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    "You don’t really know if you will have an abortion or not" reminds me of the people who won’t respect your choices to...
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    the decision for me is like this : if i wasn’t pregnant, would i want to be? no. its that simple for me, if what i said...
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    i had a discussion with my dad about abortion. i told him that if i were to get pregnant right now, i would have an...
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    Oh, I like you.
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    I don’t think you’re anti-choice. I think you’re being whiny You’re spewing bullshit about how much value you put on...
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    I’m queer so if I ended up pregnant I would have an abortion since that child would be the result of assault. Also...
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    No. That is not what I’m saying. I’m going to stop talking to you if you don’t start actually reading my posts because...
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    tl;dr: You are telling people they don’t know what’s best for themselves, and that is an anti-choice position. Please...
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    They WANT us to see it as a hard, traumatic decision. They want us to SUFFER and feel GUILTY about exercising our...
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    AMEN. I learned so much working at Exhale (a non-judgmental pro-VOICE after-abortion hotline). There’s so much...
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    This. If I somehow got pregnant at this point in my life, I would abort it. I would not consider “alternatives.” I would...
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    ^ this is how easy it would be for me too. Hollllla.
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    I knew long before that second line on the test that I’d be getting an abortion. I took it as seriously I would getting...
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