Feminist Disney, How is Minnie Mouse portrayed?
How is Minnie Mouse portrayed?

I mean, idk… she’s like literally the longest (or second longest? maybe third?) standing character haha so she’s been portrayed 1000 different ways.  I would generally- very generally- say I don’t know of anything super problematic with her portrayal?  

  I think for advertising they sometimes muck it up, I’m thinking in particular of tshirts I posted about on here a while back, where the boys shirt had a sillhouette of Mickey and had all these “boy” words in the silhouette like “cool, adventurous, action” whatever ,and the minnie shirt had like, “Pretty, cute, beautiful” and stuff, which unnecessarily reinforced that gender binary idea where boys can do gender neutral stuff but little girls should always be getting reminded that they/we are always thinking about their physical appearance

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