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Jack was employed into service for the East India Trading Company and was given command of the Wicked Wench. However, after he set free a cargo of slaves, his employer, Cutler Beckett, had Jack branded as a pirate and the Wench set aflame and sunk. After failing to rescue the Wench, Sparrow struck a bargain with the ghostly captain of the Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones, to resurrect his beloved vessel. Jones returned the ship to Jack in near perfect condition except for the permanently charred hull. This prompted Jack to rename her the Black Pearl



danged sympathetic fictional pirates and their refusal to engage in the slave trade, I’ll tell you what

well hot damn.

Really? Interesting! Too bad most Hollyweird Producers don’t get that you can’t add depth of context with CGI. Story? Matters.

Well, fuck me! Now this just makes me upset that this wasn’t mentioned in the movies, yo. 

They only made reference to it in that blink-and-you’ll-miss-it scene in the gifset (I’m brainfarting on whether it was DMC or AWE). There were YA books that were actually pretty decently written and added a lot of interesting backstory, that’s where you find out the story behind Jack’s falling out with Beckett and how he became a pirate.

Jack is also a mixed race man of color but they don’t get into that in the movies either except for a gross shrunken head joke in At World’s End that his dad made.

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    Also the price of 100 souls is the same number as the slaves he freed.
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