Feminist Disney, "Disney Set to Unveil First Latina Princess, Sofia"
"Disney Set to Unveil First Latina Princess, Sofia"









There has been Jasmine and Belle, Mulan and Pocahontas, but never before has there been a Latina Disney princess. Until now.

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is everyone thinking what i’m thinking? or




C’est quoi cette merde? 



While producers say she is Latina, they don’t make a point of pushing that fact. “We never actually call it out,” said Joe D’Ambrosia, vice president of Disney Junior original programming. “

While I guess it’s positive she is Latina, I’m wondering how much of this is just themwanting brownie points.   Being that my blog is feminist Disney, when they first announced Sofia a few months back, I read MULTIPLE articles about her, and never, at that point, was she “Latina.”   Not once was that mentioned- and a lot of public criticism of her initially was that she was just yet another white, blue eyed, skinny princess for girls to idolize and not breaking any barriers or changing up the status quo.

  So my suspicion is that they realized they are really lacking for that audience but rather than actually crafting an original Latina character, they just took a yet-to-be-released white character and re-branded her for press releases without actually changing anything in the show (which would explain why they “don’t actually call it out.”   Like why wouldn’t you at least mention it if it’s so important that you’re press releasing this info now?)

Maybe I’m being cynical and the show will be more than this but that’s my gut feeling for now

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