Feminist Disney, amazing atheist hypocrisy day
amazing atheist hypocrisy day

This was on the AmazingAtheist’s tumblr today.   So there are a lot of reasons not to take him seriously on his views of censorship or feminism.  But the hypocrisy of decreeing this was especially striking.

If you go through the above links, you’ll see he made incredibly heartless and disgusting attacks to a rape survivor who had the audacity to question his thoughts on an internet forum.  (Is that the type of “discourse” you so desired to have with Anita?)  

But anyway there was a backlash, especially on tumblr, causing him to switch over to another blog account for a while in order to avoid the criticism.   So to begin with, it’s ridiculous to claim that disabling comments is bad when you went and made an entire extra blog when the going actually got tough and you were being held accountable for what you said.   As always with the internet, some people felt the need to go in with inappropriate threats.

But what is REALLY questionable is this quote from an ask he answered on that now defunct site (pulled from one of the above links):

Quote: “I am not “playing the victim”, folks. With these sorts of comments being made, I legitimately am the victim.   And I’m not the only victim, my family is being made to feel unsafe too.”

In other words: when death or harm messages are sent to him, he’s a victim and his feelings of being unsafe are valid and should be considered in how people conduct their critique.   Hm, sounds reasonable enough, people shouldn’t send threats because it stifles an individual’s willingness to speak.
But when it happens to a feminist, it’s just something she should expect to “deal with” and her feelings aren’t valid unless she can come up with a list of women whom have died as a result of such threats.

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    i hate this fucker so much
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    This is why I trust white dude atheists about as much as I do Westboro Baptist Church members
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    And more in hypocrisy- Laci Green believes his views on feminism are valid. (source)
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