Feminist Disney, Disney World Fights Against Paid Sick Days for Florida Employees




So this is pretty bad. When I originally read the title, I thought they were holding back sick days from their own employees, which is bad enough. But no. Disney went and influenced the ENTIRE STATE’S voting on sick days. I usually just quote sections of articles and encourage you to read the rest, but I honestly feel like most of it is worth reading. 

Pressure from Disney World has influenced the Florida Senate to take a big step back in guaranteeing paid sick days for workers.

The Florida Senate voted Friday to prevent local communities their enacting their own wage and benefits laws until a statewide study can be conducted, The Orlando Sentinel reports.

The bill, which would at least delay efforts to guarantee all workers paid sick days was drafted with the support of Disney World and Darden Restaurants, the company behind Olive Garden and Red Lobster, as well as the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

“Today, Republicans in the Florida Senate stood up for corporations like Disney and Darden and against the interests of families who believe their own communities know what is best for them,” Stephanie Porta, an advocate for those seeking paid-sick days,said in a statement.

Family organization MomsRising.org is spearheading efforts to fight back. The group claims that this week, Disney World refused to accept a petition with 6,000 signaturesdemanding that the resort stop pushing legislation that stands in the way of earned sick time initiatives.

Neither Darden nor Disney World responded to voicemails from The Huffington Post requesting comment. MomsRising also was not available for comment.

The move is the latest in a drawn-out battle. Disney World and Darden worked to keep a measure requiring paid sick days off the ballot last November. Workers also have complained that the resort does not pay a living wage, Reuters reported in 2010. That same year, Disney agreed to pay $433,819 to employees in back wages after an investigation uncovered the resort had violated the Fair Labor Standards Act, according to Occupational Health and Safety.

It pisses me off on two levels. First, I come across this article after seeing other headlines about how the price of Disney shares are at a record high. They’re not hurting for money; they’re rolling in it. Second, just from reading the blogs of people who work there, their employees go waay above and beyond the call of duty constantly, and deal with bad hours, bad commutes, low wages, sometimes very rude customers, and as a reward for helping to keep alive the Disney magic…

Disney is actively pushing for legislation that discourages them from taking off work when they are ill. Cool

If you’re a part-time casual regular in Attractions, you don’t get sick days, and depending on the department, full-time positions are very few. Also, thanks to the “points” system (at least in the California parks) you are penalized for calling out sick. 

Let me repeat that

You are penalized for calling out sick

And you work in a high-stress, highly-populated environment. So if you have a poor immune system but lack the documentation to prove it, you’re SOL and they can (and will) fire you if you’re sick too often and want to stay home and get better instead of coming into work and infecting everyone around you (which is what a lot of CMs do, and why it’s so easy to get sick working there)

I love Disney, I love what they do, and the parks have always been a huge passion of mine, but stuff like this is why I’m not sure if I’d go back.


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