Feminist Disney, Merida gets a Makeover
Merida gets a Makeover

I had this saved this issue a draft from another site but wanted to wait on it since it has some problematic ish, but then Sociological Images posted this today, so I will mostly just copy a lot of what they have, since I agree with it.

In 2006, The Walt Disney Company bought the computer-animated feature film powerhouse Pixar.  This makes the lead of their most recent movie, Brave (2012), not just a princess, but aDisney Princess.  Merida is having a royal coronation at the Magic Kingdom this morning.

For her coronation, the princess has gotten a good ol’ Disney makeover. On the left is the new Merida (“after”) and on the right is the old Merida (“before”).  Notice any differences?


Here are the ones that I see:

  • Sleeker, longer hair with more body
  • Larger eyes and more arched eyebrows
  • Plumper lips
  • A thinner waist
  • More obvious breasts
  • An overall more adult and less adolescent appearance
  • Lighter colored and more ornate gown
  • A lower cut neckline that also shows more shoulder
  • Perhaps most symbolically, her bow and arrows have disappeared in favor of a fashionable belt

Never thought about how her bow was actually replaced by the fashion belt… the “belt” she’s wearing before is actually holding her arrows in place! Her face is thinner and her upper arms are, oddly, shortened. Her eyes also seem to have eyeliner/more emphasis in that way. The waist nipping really is just… why did you have to do that? She’s a child.

This just makes me sad because really I remember being actually impressed that she did look more adolescent, and I liked that her face wasn’t traditionally pretty. It seemed like at least an interesting move for Disney. Not so much, now. 

You can check out their site for their collection of toys and characters that have received “sexy makeovers.”

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