Feminist Disney, "Intent is irrelevant"
"Intent is irrelevant"


“Hello, someone referred me to your blog and I just wanted to say that I do love the Native American’s culture. My grandfather does carry Cherokee blood in him and I’m proud to have Native American lineage. My grandmother was a teacher for the Hopi and Pueblo tribes and my mother and uncle even grew up with them so we’ve acquired lot’s of things from them. I do reblog pictures of people dressing up like natives but I only do it because I do love the headresses and the costumes even though I am ignorant of their meaning. So when I reblog things like that I don’t mean disrespect.”

- that doesn’t make it right. You’re still contributing to the problem. Intent is irrelevant

Intent is irrelevant- just three simple words, but they are a rebuttal to so, so, so so so many problematic arguments/statements/concepts.