Feminist Disney, Why do we need diverse princesses? Re-blogging for the excellent replies here
Why do we need diverse princesses? Re-blogging for the excellent replies here




I agree, actually. It’s not Disney’s job to make a minority princess just so you don’t feel insecure. I love all the princesses, and would be thrilled to see more, but a minority princess shouldn’t be made just for the sake of being a minority.

I hardly think people want to see Disney characters (or any characters) who aren’t white because they are “insecure.” I think most people would just like it if their children could see someone who looked like them or shared their background when they turn on the TV or watch movies or flip open a story book. I know it may seem silly to you, but many children of color grow up seeing very few images of people of similar racial backgrounds anywhere in the media, unless it’s on the 6 o’clock news, and most of the images they see there are not flattering. They overwhelmingly only have negative representations of people like them, and very few positive ones. As a parent, wouldn’t you be upset if your children had very few positive images of people who were like them in the media?

I think being white, we take it for granted that all of the TV shows and movies that we watch, all of the characters in storybooks look like us. It’s not something we ever have to think about. But imagine how alienating it might be to live in a society where you rarely see any positive images of people who look like you and come from a similar background. Imagine how upsetting it would be to have major movie studios say that stories that reflect people with background like yours aren’t even worth making, because that’s how little people like you matter to society. 

If race isn’t that big a deal, then why should it be such a hardship on Disney and other producers of media to create images of and stories about people who aren’t white? Why would they be reluctant to create characters who represent someone other than white people regardless? If race weren’t a problem, media companies like Disney would be making such stories pretty regularly without needing extensive prodding from their non-white consumers. It would just be considered another story, another TV show, another movie. Race does matter, though, and I don’t understand why anyone would have a problem with another person calling out one of the largest producers of children’s media for having a racial bias when it comes to what media they produce.

In children’s media, there are thousands, if not millions, of representations of white people available. There are strikingly few representations of people of color. In my opinion, the people who are insecure in this situation are not those asking for a better balance of representation in media, but the white people who think that any encroachment at all from people of color in their almost exclusively white media is an affront.

Interesting! I don’t understand why Disney is this sacred establishment that is somehow free of critique just because “omg i loved the movies when I was growing up!”

Disney is a huge pop culture symbol. To NOT analyze and critique disney and the imagery of acceptable body types, lifestyles and ideals and people is ridiculous.

All of those who would rather we never analyze the implications behind huge pop cultural phenomenon can just exit society through the door on the left

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