Feminist Disney, I know this isn't Disney related so, forgive me. Anyways, what are your opinons on Slutwalks?
I know this isn't Disney related so, forgive me. Anyways, what are your opinons on Slutwalks?

I don’t need to forgive you because it’s a perfectly acceptable question :)  I focus on examining feminism through Disney just as a base point, but there’s no limit to where discussion can go.

Anyways, I support Slutwalks and the basic aim of Slutwalks.   I think they give a lot of people a safe space to tell their stories and there is normally a huge lack of such spaces in our society.   I also agree, obviously, with the basic premise that victim blaming is wrong.   

I think the way it’s gotten handled by the media is, predictably, problematic because they tend to focus on "some women are prancing around wearing sexy clothing in public" thing when that’s not really the point- the point is you can be wearing anything when you are sexually assaulted, and your outfit is not asking for rape.   Only rapists can rape.   It’s too bad the media distorts the general message but it’s kind of unavoidable and can’t be seen as a reason not to act in the first place.

My main critique of Slutwalk is that it tends to be focused on the white female experience of slut shaming.   Which is fine because white females shouldn’t be silenced or anything- the problem is that a lot of people (white people, generally) will deny that Slutwalk does this.   What this means isn’t that it intentionally excludes anyone, or that non-white women are never called sluts.   It’s just an ongoing problem in the feminist community where the white/majority experience is assumed to be able to speak for the struggles of every group, when in reality most groups experience slut-shaming etc. in very different ways, but the different ways become overlooked when the white experience is assumed to stand for everyone’s.  

It’s hard for me to explain, but if one who is more or less familiar with how slut-shaming works has to ask oneself, for example, "How does the average black woman’s/latina woman’s/etc experience with slut shaming differ from that of the average white woman?"  The fact that we would have to ask ourselves this question- that the movement has not answered this basic question for us- is telling of what direction, and whose voice, the movement tends to adhere to.

I could talk more about this/leave links but I’m not sure exactly what people are interested in hearing so I’ll leave it at that for now. :)

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